The enterprise archive for the cloud generation

Open source platform for document archiving and management.
API-first, easy to integrate, no frills.

API First

You provide your business application, we support you with interfaces and components.

Reduce to the Max

Use established technologies for storage management, indexing, and monitoring. Eureka offers exactly the functionality you need.


No compromises regarding data security and integrity of your documents.


Rest API

  • Expandable
  • Documented at all times
  • Implementation and use of the API is technology-neutral
  • Based on REST and therefore web-friendly

As little as possible, as much as necessary

  • No unused range of functions
  • No special infrastructure
  • Simple data model extensible by facets in documents

Security system

  • Technology independent
  • Transaction secure
  • Sophisticated authorisation system that includes authorisations for users, items and areas of validity

Neverpile is available as open source software on GitHub.

Tutorials for an easy and practical introduction to development with neverpile.

Sample applications of various customer implementations with neverpile.

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