neverpile fusion

organize magically

Support your specialists by providing them the optimal set of business documents related to their current case. Do-it-yourself or collaborate with our experts to customize your project to your needs.

Domain knowledge combined with a modern UI

We have 20 years of experience with document models. Now we pour this knowledge in a modern UI, built with open source technology


You have a business application with lots of processes already? Great, neverpile fusion integrates on top of that!

Enterprise-ready technologies

No rocket science, built with Angular and Spring, so you can adapt it to your needs. OAuth provides reliable concepts for maximum security.

Extensible data model

The essential point is a collection. It can be derived e.g. from a search, a pre-defined set or just unstructured data. In the UI the structure can be changed easily by dragging pages around - with revision control and time-travel of course.


The view shows exactly what is needed for the current use-case; not more and not less. An intuitive interface helps the user to easily accomplish his task.

Open Source

Jump to Github to get started with the code and the examples.

How it works


You can imagine neverpile fusion as a digital ring binder. It is a lightweight application that integrates on top of your business application to enrich the business processes that already exist. The view changes based on the process that triggered the viewing-task.


neverpile fusion presents only the relevant information. If a customer calls your hotline, the case-worker needs to find information fast. fusion presents a digital file that was put together from e.g. page 2 and 5 of the contract document, page 4 of a signed privacy policy, the text of the last email the customer sent, and an image he made with his phone.



You probably have a setup that is quite similar to this. Most likely there is an archive system, or a database that holds information, documents, images and more. The business application knows all your relevant processes. That’s great, neverpile fusion does not replace those but enriches them instead.

Based on enterprice-proven technologies and APIs


The perfect package for every business case - starting completely free.

Source code

Everything you need to start right away, Apache 2 License.

Support plan

Qualified Helpdesk and early access to software updates.

Consulting and customized Addons

Discuss your business case with experts and add facets adapted to your need.

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